Sponsorship Opportunities

We’d like to help your marketing team reach those sports fans that are active, affluent, brand loyal consumers. This will in turn convert them into customers for you. I can assure you, to do this we will bring you extraordinary commitment and massive action. Our programs are carefully fitted to a client company’s goals, target markets, and budgets.

What we offer IS different! Please consider:

  • The drawing power of 5/8-scale fiberglass full-fendered version of the famed NASCAR modified race car.
  • Space permitting, a year round show car to be displayed in your place of business for our primary sponsor.
  • Actual race car and promotional tables to be exhibited at your desired venues.
  • The startling “Brand Loyalty” that consumers who are also fans of racing programs demonstrate. They will go out of their way to buy sponsor’s products – statistics show that 63% or more will insist on a sponsor’s brand.
  • Fact: Almost 35% of the Fortune 500 companies are active in the style of marketing we offer to develop for you, because it IS an effective strategy on its own.

I respectfully propose that we have the tools to design a program you will want to take a closer look at! We need to have a brief phone chat or preferably a face to face meeting about these proposals. If you’d like to explore the possibilities for your company, please call me at (321) 388-2743.


Place your logo in a prominent location on our car or trailer.  Be seen all over Central Florida.



Have your business featured on our website.  Build your business easily and inexpensively.




Welcome to Jaco Motorsports!


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